Bio-One of Trenton decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Call Bio-One

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Why call Bio-One Trenton or Trenton Hoarding?


10 - We have all the proper chemicals and the right tools for the job

9 - We have the training to get the job done the right way the first time

8 - We have a track record of success for 20 years across the country

7 - We have a franchise location near you

6 - FREE estimates

5 - Competitive pricing, and we'll work with your insurance company as needed

4 - We are insured and fully stand behind our work

3 - We make sure you are completely satisfied before we leave

2 - We welcome your feedback for reviews and referrals

1 - The Main reason to call Bio-One is our People...We have a Help First, Business Second culture!


We cover a large area in Central and Southern NJ and Eastern PA.

See our website Bio-One Trenton for details.


Call us now at 856-994-2735.


Or email us at


We are a franchise territory of Bio-One Inc.


A few examples of our services:




You use someone's services because they are the experts and you trust them.


We have been in the business of helping families and working with law enforcement and victim's advocates groups for twenty years.


We are available when people need us the most 24/7/365 and we do it with professionalism and compassion.